Aircraft Holidays Psakoudia Sithonia, Chalkidiki Greece summer 2020
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Hotel Melissa Gold Coast, Sithonia Psakoudia

Hotel Melissa Gold Coast  

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Sithonia Psakoudia, Chalkidiki, Greece

  • Hotel with private beach  
  • Bus (05/19 - 10/02/2020)
  • Airplane (07/08 - 10/05/2019)
  • No transport provided

About Sithonia PsakoudiaDetails and images of Sithonia Psakoudia

Sithonia Psakoudia

It is the unique beauty of the beach Psakoudia, which impresses even the most discerning visitor.
Here, the green of pine mingles with the deep blue sea and sky, creating an image of natural beauty. Indeed, the presence of pine perfectly characterizes the region and dominates the whole length of the beach. It is said that the name of the village Psakoudia originated from the word "ptsakia" which in local dialect means small pines.

The beach extends to a radius of 4 km and is ideal for swimmers of all ages. It is characteristic that has always honored with the blue flag award.