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Abount Samothraki Island

Samothraki Island

Samothraki is a Greek island located in the northern Aegean. With a length of 17 km and a total area of ​​178 square kilometers, Samotraki is a village in the Evros region, province of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The main occupations of the inhabitants are related to fishing and tourism.

Most of the island consists of the second highest mountain in the Aegean Sea, Mount Saos, with the highest peak Fegari (which means "moon" in Greek) of 1.611m. The mountain is full of wild vegetation, countless waterfalls and natural pools (vathres) not dry throughout the year. Trails are everywhere these places accessible for families, and for experienced climbers.
Samothraki island's natural attributes are dramatic and untamed sea. There are dense forests of olive and pine, shrubs and meadows while wet, dark pools where waterfalls plunge into the deep ice. Twisted streets are cobbled and the houses built of basalt and red sandstone, some other white gray stone. The landscape is thoughtfully.