Bus departing from Craiova Limenaria, Thassos Island Greece summer 2021
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Antonios Hotel, Limenaria

Antonios Hotel  

   Score 9.5/10 out of 10 reviews

Limenaria, Thassos Island, Greece

  • Hotel with outdoor pool  
  • Bus (07/17 - 09/26/2020)
  • No transport provided
Papageorgiou Hotel, Limenaria

Papageorgiou Hotel

Limenaria, Thassos Island, Greece

  • Hotel near beach  
  • Bus (05/12 - 10/03/2021)
  • No transport provided
Aldebaran Vila, Limenaria

Aldebaran Vila

Limenaria, Thassos Island, Greece

  • Hotel family hotels  
  • Bus (05/12 - 10/03/2021)
  • No transport provided

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Limenaria a fost dezvoltat la începutul secolului 20, datorită necesităţii de lucrători pentru minele de minereu de fier exploatate de compania germana de Speindl şi datorita persoanelor care vin din satul medieval Kastro construit pe munte, aproape în centrul insulei. În 1922, după distrugerea Smirnei, refugiatii au sosit in acest loc şi acesta a fost un nou inceput pentru oraş. Palataki, sus pe deal, deasupra marii, a fost construit de compania germana pentru birourile necesare lor. In Limenaria putem gasi banci, oficiu postal, secţia de poliţie, taverne, baruri, cafenele şi magazine. Autobuze si taxiuri oricand doriţi.

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Port of Limenaria - In port Limenaria Thassos there are famous donuts, made ​​on the spot from a special dough and honey. Here you can buy fresh fish in the early morning or sea trips can be made with one of the traditional boats. There is a separate article about the attractions on the island of Thassos here: Tourist Attractions Limenaria Thassos Thassos below shows just some of the goals that are in Limenaria.

Ethnographic Museum of Limenaria - Ethnographic Museum of Thassos Limenaria was founded in 1993 and is hosted by former local office downtown. Here preserve local culture and tradition and household collection includes artifacts and clothing (embroidery, fabrics, costumes, stoves, a loom, etc.), tools of various trades (ie. Tailoring, hairdressing, carpentry , beekeeping, hunting, shoemakers, processing olives) and more. Museum includes, also Kyprianos Georgiadis's private collection of books and stationery.

Papageorgiou Museum - Located in the neighboring town, Kalyvia, this little museum was founded by cardiologist Papageorgiou. Museum shows archaeological discoveries of classical periods, Hellenistic and Byzantine and folk art.

Palatka - On the eastern side of Limenariei peeks "Palataki" (gr. Small palace), a building built in 1905, which served as the headquarters of the mining company "Speidel" and is a true model of local architecture. Later, it was abandoned, but was recently renovated by locals. The main points of interest are the cave under "Palataki" and "beach mines" where there are abandoned iron mines.

Taverna fisherman "Limani" - Tavern "Limani" (gr. Port) is opposite the entrance to the port of Limenaria and is headed by Mr. Argyropoulos. You can serve the best seafood dishes in town, while Mr. Argyropoulos playing bouzouki brother with his friends, to the great joy of the tourists.