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Limnos, one of the busiest ports in Greece, with beautiful beaches, traditional villages untouched by modern tourism, hardly fits the stereotypes that circulate about the Greek islands. It is an island quite flat with rolling hills, green meadows sprinkled with yellow ocher spring and summer.

It was the island's native-blacksmith god Hephaistos (Vulcan mythology Romanian), who was venerated on Mount Moschylus. In the past, it was emitting gas, but today is manifested by his past volcanic hot springs and the land limnian sulfuric astringent, used for wound healing time of Turkish occupation and to relieve stomach ache.

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For fun there are many discos, bars and tavernas so you will not ever get bored. Best-known beaches are: Evgati, Keros, Payments, Riha Nera Romaikos Yialos and Thanos.

Limnos Island was famous for its vineyards since ancient times. Aristotle wrote about the island's traditional red wine produced from a variety of unique and ancient grape that he called "limnio" (locally called and "Kalambaka).