Bus Kassiopi, Corfu Island Greece summer 2022
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Kassiopi Corfu (pearl coast northeast) is the largest settlement in the north-east of Corfu (1,200 inhabitants), located at the foot of Mount Pantokrator. Place a small fishing village, opposite the coast of Albania, has become one of the most visited on the coast of Corfu. Kassiopi has a small harbor where fishing boats leave every morning at sea. The resort is full of life and is particularly suitable for tourists who want to have fun.

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Igoumensita port of daily travel at short intervals of time (between 05.00 and 22.00) ferry to Corfu Town (Kerkyra). Corfu Town to Kassiopi are about 35 miles up the road and there goes along the east coast of the island. So close to Kassiopi road is straight, but then narrows and there are some very tight curves. In order to assist drivers in many mirrors as there are curves.

Kassiopi Castle is the most relevant target in the area. The huge building dating from the thirteenth century and was considered one of the strongest in the rural area of ​​Corfu. The castle was built by King Pyrros of Epirus, who founded the city and built the port of Kassiopi for a naval base. The fortress was conquered by the Venetians and the Ottomans was attacked, but the building survived until today and can be visited, located in the heart of the city.

Panagia Kassopitra the resort was built in the sixteenth century, they say, the place where the temple of Jupiter. On August 15, the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is celebrated with a festival in Port. In the church there is an old icon of the Virgin, who say it locanicii miracle.

Peritheia, left the village where time has stopped in place, is just 5 km from Kassiopi towards Acharavi. Mountain village not to be missed. Walking the streets paved with stone, including traditional houses, abandoned long ago, are unique. In the village there are a few tavernas where you can relax (In high season the taverns are full at lunch time!).