Accommodation in Agios Ioannis Thassos, Thassos Island Greece deals summer 2022
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Hotel Thassos Grand Resort, Agios Ioannis Thassos

Hotel Thassos Grand Resort    

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Agios Ioannis Thassos, Thassos Island, Greece

  • Hotel on the beach  
  • Bus (05/18 - 09/28/2022)
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Agios Ioannis Thassos

Agios Ioannis (St. John), is a beautiful and wild beach located in a bay in the southeast of the island of Thassos, somewhere after Kinira and before Aliki.

Recommendations for travel Agios Ioannis Thassos

- Agios Ioannis is ideal for snorkeling. The Bay of Agios Ioannis is full of fish, sea urchins and starfish and many other marine life.

- It is necessary to have slippers, the water being full of stones (even if paths are created from sand bags) and sea urchins. The water is a little colder than in other places.

- The access to the beach is made on an unpaved road that descends into streamers from the main road.
The access is made from the road next to an orange flag, with "Agios Ioannis" inscribed on it and an advertising sign indicating the road to the beach.
It descends 100-150m on a road sometimes steep after which the road to the beach continues 100-150m among the olive trees. The road portion between the olive trees is more difficult and must be walked very slowly (not recommended for cars with low guard, these can be left on the side of the road).
Once you reach the beach you can leave the car under the shade of olives.

- There is a small terrace with a caravan where fast food products are sold (sandwiches, gyros, pancakes, etc.).